STEPstrong ® Process Tanks

STEP® Techno Solutions offers STEPstrong ® Process Tanks for various Surface Treatment Industries.

Designed and fabricated in accordance with DVS norms (German Welding Society) using our proprietary STEP Fusion ® jointless Welding Technology, our tanks are constructed with high-quality thermoplastics selected specifically for their superior impact resistance, chemical resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

STEPstrong ® Process Tank is designed considering various factors like capacity, linear thermal expansion, tolerance, and service life.

Our tanks are customized with various attachments including nozzles, valves, hoods, ducting, and level indicators to ensure optimal functionality for our customers. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to design and manufacture tanks according to specific requirements of our customers providing a tailored solution in every project.

Additional Information

  1. Rugged Durability: Our tanks are designed to withstand harsh environments and ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging conditions.
  2. Flexible Sizing and modification: The ability to reduce or increase tank sizes even after many years allows for easy adaptation to changing plant requirements, providing a cost-effective solution for evolving needs.
  3. Extended Service Life: With a projected service life of 25 years and minimal maintenance costs, our tanks offer long-term reliability and durability, reducing downtime and operational expenses.
  4. Customized Solutions: Our tanks are tailored to individual industry requirements, offering ready-to-use solutions that are optimized for various processes and workflows, improving efficiency and productivity.
  5. High Corrosion Protection: Built with the highest level of corrosion protection, our tanks are designed to resist damage from corrosive substances, ensuring longevity and performance in corrosive environments.
  1. Modular design for easy expansion.
  2. Advanced insulation for energy efficiency.
  3. Efficient heating and cooling systems.
  4. Corrosion-resistant coating for durability.
  5. Easy maintenance access for convenience.
  6. Safety features for compliance.
  7. Customizable configurations to meet specific needs.
  8. Comprehensive warranty for peace of mind.