STEPsaver® Zinc Recovery System

The STEPsaver® Zinc Recovery System is an innovative solution designed to recover zinc from Zinc Ash in the galvanizing operations. This system boasts a large capacity drum 750 kg and offers flexible heating options (oil, gas, or dual fuel). With exceptional durability (200 drum cycles) and efficient processing 3 hours per 750 kg drum, the system maximizes Zinc recovery and minimizes wastage.

This system drastically reduces the amount of residual skimming you need to dispose of, saving you money and minimizing your environmental impact. Additionally, the STEPsaver® keeps operational costs low and reduces reliance on virgin zinc, leading to substantial cost savings and a more sustainable operation.

STEPsaver® Zinc Recovery System sustainable, future efficient, and cost-effective, environmentally friendly process enabling objectives of reclaim, reuse, and reduce.

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  1. High Capacity & Flexibility: Process large amounts 750kg with your choice of heating oil, gas, or dual fuel.
  2. Durable & Efficient: Experience long drum life 200 cycles and fast processing 3 hours per drum.
  3. Minimize Waste: Reduce disposal costs and environmental impact with significantly less residual skimming.
  4. Cost-Effective: Benefit from low operational costs and reduced reliance on virgin zinc, leading to substantial savings.
  5. Simple to Use: Enjoy effortless operation with a user-friendly design for easy loading.
  1. Large capacity drum 750kg
  2. Flexible heating options oil, gas, dual fuel
  3. Exceptional durability 200 drum cycles
  4. Efficient processing 3 hours per drum
  5. Significantly reduces waste & disposal costs
  6. Minimizes environmental impact
  7. Low operational costs
  8. Reduces reliance on virgin zinc
  9. Substantial cost savings
  10. Easy to use & user-friendly design