STEPstrong® Post Treatment Tanks

STEPstrong® Post Treatment Tanks by STEP Techno Solutions are built with top-quality steel and innovative design.  STEPstrong® Post Treatment tanks are built to last. Lightweight yet sturdy, our tanks are manufactured in-house with the most modern welding technology for maximum durability.

Coated with epoxy paint for protection against corrosive environments, our tanks are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Equipped with essential accessories like inlet and outlet valves, each tank is meticulously crafted to ensure optimal performance. Our tanks adhere to strict welding standards for superior quality, with continuous fillet welds for added strength. Made from mild steel plates and RHS, they are painted with heat-resistant paint for long-lasting durability.

Featuring a drain pipe nipple with flange, drain connection with flanged end, and PP ball valve, our tanks are designed for convenience and efficiency. Complete with lifting hooks and jig resting arrangements, our tanks offer a seamless solution for your post-treatment needs.

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  1. Durability: Built with high-quality steel and epoxy paint coating, STEPstrong® Post Treatment Tanks ensure longevity and reliability in corrosive environments.
  2. Efficiency: Essential accessories and thoughtful design features improve functionality, saving time and effort in industrial processes.
  3. Strength: Continuous fillet welds and strict welding standards guarantee superior strength and structural integrity, capable of withstanding demanding conditions.
  4. Convenience: Lifting hooks, jig resting arrangements, and drain connections with flanged ends facilitate easy handling and maintenance, improving user experience.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for storage, treatment, or processing, STEPstrong® Post Treatment Tanks offer a versatile solution for diverse industrial applications.
  1. High-quality steel construction
  2. Epoxy paint coating for durability
  3. Essential accessories included
  4. Continuous fillet welds for strength
  5. Lifting hooks for easy handling
  6. Jig resting arrangements for convenience
  7. Drain connections for maintenance
  8. Versatile for various applications
  9. Corrosion-resistant
  10. Robust and reliable design