STEPstrong® Acid Storage Tanks

STEPstrong® Acid Storage Tanks are made by our proprietary STEPFusion® jointless welding technology designed to meet the critical needs of storing acids safely and efficiently. Equipped with a range of accessories such as nozzles, valves, level indicators, ladders, and platforms, our tanks offer a complete storage solution tailored to our customer’s requirements.

We provide storage solutions with various MOCs,

Single material layers PP-H, PP-C, HDPE, PVC, PVDF, ECTFE

Dual material layers PP + GL,PP +FRP, PVDF + FRP, ECTFE + FRP, PVC + FRP etc.

At STEP, we understand that every industry has unique requirements, which is why we provide detailed engineering, manufacturing, and design services to select the right raw materials based on application and end user needs.

Our acid storage tanks are built to handle corrosive and hazardous liquids with ease, ensuring leak-proof and safe storage for industries ranging from surface treatment to pharmaceuticals. Your Trusted STEP® Techno Solutions for reliable storage solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and compatibility with various chemicals and temperatures. Lift your acid storage capabilities with STEPstrong® Acid Storage Tanks.

Additional Information

  1. Ready to install: STEPstrong® Acid Storage Tanks come fully assembled and ready for installation, saving you time and effort in setting up your storage system.
  2. Spillage Proof: Our tanks are designed with leak-proof construction to prevent any spills or leaks, ensuring a safe working environment and protecting facilities from potential hazards.
  3. Easy Installation: Our ready to use acid storage tanks need only unloading and piping connections at site allowing for immediate installation and use your storage system according to your specific requirements.
  4. Modification and Repair: Our tanks are designed for easy modification and repair, allowing for customization or adjustments to suit changing needs or repair any damages that may occur over time.
  5. Up to 25 years of Life: With durable materials and robust construction, STEPstrong® Acid Storage Tanks offer a long service life of up to 25 years, providing reliable storage solution for acid storage needs.
  1. Leak-proof construction
  2. Easy installation
  3. Versatile placement options
  4. Durable materials
  5. Ready for immediate use
  6. Spillage prevention
  7. Easy modification and repair
  8. Long service life up to 25 years
  9. Cost-effective solution
  10. Safe and reliable acid storage option