STEPsafe® Acid Room Enclosures

Improve safety and efficiency with STEPsafe® Acid Room Enclosures. Our innovative design features a leak-proof multi wall panel and heavy-duty rolled steel sections for ultimate durability. LED flood lights illuminate the space, while toughened glass viewing windows provide visibility. The steel structure includes a stairway, handrails, and service platform for easy access.

Our enclosures are anti-corrosive and equipped with specialized rubber insulation for added protection. With automatic sliding doors and controls, working conditions are more comfortable and secure. Experience lower breakdowns in overhead cranes, hoists, drives, and electrical equipment due to acidic fumes. Avoid damage to shed steel structures and enjoy quick cost paybacks with our reliable solution.

Additionally, our enclosures support monorail hoists and overhead smart mobility for efficient operations.

Additional Information

  1. Higher Safety: The STEPsafe® Acid Room Enclosures provide a secure environment by containing acid fumes and preventing leaks, reducing the risk of accidents and exposure to hazardous substances.
  2. Improved Efficiency: With features such as LED flood lights, viewing windows, and easy access stairways and platforms, these enclosures facilitate efficient operations and maintenance within the acid room.
  3. Durability: Constructed with heavy-duty rolled steel sections and leak-proof multiwall panels, the enclosures are designed for long-lasting durability, ensuring a reliable solution for acid room containment.
  4. Cost Savings: By minimizing breakdowns in equipment and preventing damage to structures caused by acidic fumes, the enclosures offer cost savings through reduced maintenance and repair expenses.
  5. Productivity Boost: The secure and comfortable working conditions provided by the enclosures contribute to increased productivity among workers, leading to improved overall operational efficiency in the acid room.
  1. Leak-proof multiwall panel design
  2. Heavy-duty steel sections for durability
  3. Bright LED flood lights for illumination
  4. Includes stairway and handrails
  5. Resistant to corrosion with anti-corrosive standard
  6. Toughened glass viewing windows
  7. Convenient access control with automatic sliding door
  8. Easy operation and monitoring with control system
  9. Specialized rubber insulation for protection
  10. Designed for reliability and longevity