STEPsmart® Fume Extraction System

Introducing the STEPsmart® Fume Extraction System by STEP® Techno Solutions – your ultimate solution for creating a safe and healthy environment in Surface Treatment Industries. Our advanced fume exctraction systems are specially designed, engineered, and manufactured to extract acid fumes and zinc fumes, ensuring 100% non-metallic contact parts for maximum safety.

Our innovative fume extraction systems integrates the operations and speed of the blowers to the crane operations of lowering and lifting of the materials in the process tanks and automatically adjusts the blower speeds between standby, 25%/50% and 100% speeds , hence delivering 30-50% lower energy consumption as compared to conventional fume exctraction systems running in the industry.

STEPsmart® Fume Extraction Systems feature integrated suction channels in the tank walls, allowing for easy installation of manual or automatic covers on high-temperature baths. From handling mixed acids like HCL, HF+HNO3 to extracting zinc fumes in dusty environments, our systems have proven to be effective and reliable in various process plants.

Additional Information

  1. Improved Workplace Safety: The STEPsmart® Fume Extraction System ensures the extraction of harmful acid fumes and zinc fumes, creating a safe and healthy work environment for employees in Surface Treatment Industries.
  2. Compliance with Regulations: Our fume extraction systems are designed to meet the strictest environmental regulations, helping businesses adhere to emission standards and maintain regulatory compliance.
  3. Customized Solutions: Each fume extraction system is tailored to fit the specific manufacturing process and space requirements of the customer, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Non-Metallic Contact Parts: With 100% non-metallic contact parts, our systems minimize the risk of contamination and corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability in harsh industrial environments.
  5. Expert Design and Installation: Backed by our expertise in design, manufacturing, and installation, customers can trust STEPsmart® Fume Extraction System to deliver high-quality fume extraction solutions that are efficient, safe, and environmentally-friendly.
  1. Integration of crane operation and blower speed
  2. 30-50% lower energy consumption
  3. Non-metallic contact parts for corrosion resistance
  4. Customised design to fit specific needs
  5. Expert installation for optimal performance
  6. Ensures compliance with environmental regulations
  7. Safety features for workplace protection
  8. High extraction efficiency for effective fume removal
  9. Long-lasting reliability in harsh environments
  10. Tailored to surface treatment industries
  11. Designed for acid and zinc fume extraction