STP Tanks


STP Tanks

ETP Tanks are built from high grade ofthermoplastic material and German butt-welding technology,

Our tank can be equipped with Nozzles, Valves, Stirrer, Level Indicator and all necessaries attachment which required for the effective process.

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Available Shape

1. Round
2. Rectangular
3. Square
4. Vertical
5. Horizontal
6. Conical Bottom
7. Conical Top
8. Oval
9. Dish end
10. “L” Shape Custom

MOC :Polypropylene / HDPE / LDPE / PP+FRP / PVDF / ECTFE / PVC

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Crucial Benefits of Tanks.

1. High Temperature Resistance
2. Chemical Resistance
3. Acid Resistance
4. Corrosion Free
5. Easy to use

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