Pretreatment Tank

Pretreatment Tank - Ready

Pretreatment Tank

We built our Pretreatment tank from German Welding & Design Technology. We select specific type of thermoplastic as per industries application.

Another key feature in our tank is its mild steel reinforcement structure protected with special chemical resistance coating. The resulting structure has exceptionally high impact strength and resist against chemical effect with maximum load bearing capacity.

This is always picked to be the best in class for Impact Resistance, Chemical Resistance and high temperature resistance

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Crucial Advantage of Tanks

1. Tank sizes can be reduced or increased even after many years thereby adapting to the requirements of your plant.

2. Customized, ready to use, and with the highest level of corrosion protection.

3. The service life of our tanks to be 20 years and more with minimum maintenance costs.

4. Our tanks hold out Even in the rough environment of Pretreatment.

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1. Surface Treatment
2. Powder Coating
3. Anodizing
4. Electroplating
5. Galvanizing
6. Phosphating
7. Pickling
8. Acid & Chemical Manufacture
9. Textile
10.Paper Manufacture

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