Polypropylene Tank

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Polypropylene Tank

Polypropylene tanks are built from the butt-welding technology and unique “Fold Bend “fabrication method that assures full strength at bend site. Surrounded by external support structure protected with special kind of chemical resistance coatings to protect the external frame from corrosion and erosion.

Our Polypropylene tank can be equipped with Nozzles, Valves, Hood, Ducting, Level Indicator and all necessaries attachment which required for the effective process.

Furthermore, for client's convenience we can design and manufacture the product as per requirement.

Polypropylene Tank Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Our Tank ready to use after several Test

1. Impact Test
2. Spark Test
3. Tensile Test
4. Hydro Pressure Test

Polypropylene Tank Manufacturer in India

Crucial Advantage of Tanks

1. Our tanks hold out Even in the rough environment.
2. Customized, ready to use, and with the highest level of corrosion protection.
3. The service life of our tanks to be 20 years and more with minimum maintenance costs.
4. Tank sizes can be reduced or increased even after many years thereby adapting to the requirements of your plant.

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