Phosphating Tank

phosphating tank

Phosphating Tank

phosphate coating is the treatment of ferrous metal with a dilute solution of phosphoric acid and other chemicals, whereby the surface of the metal, reacting chemically with the phosphoric acid, is converted to an integral, mildly protective layer of insoluble crystalline phosphate.

We provide the tanks for better phosphate coating. Our tanks are made up of Virgin Poly Propylene material. We also provide mild steel reinforcement structure for more strength of tank.

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Our Tanks are available for following treatment in phosphate coating.

1 Degreasing
2 Water Rinse
3 Derusting
4 Water Rinsing
5 Surface Coating
6 Phosphating.
7 Passivation

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Crucial Advantage of Tanks

1. Our tanks hold out Even in the rough environment of phosphating plant.

2. Tank sizes can be reduced or increased even after many years thereby adapting to the requirements of your plant.

3. The service life of our tanks to be 20 years and more with minimum maintenance costs.

4. Customized, ready to use, and with the highest level of corrosion protection

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