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Inline Wire fumeless pickling tank is made out of polypropylene material,Our tanks are most modern, cost effective, efficient and fast operating lines.We provide Pickling Tank with inside attachment with corrosion resistance material and latest manufacturing technology.

Our Special feature is a water cascade system at the entrance and the exit of the line. A water seal that continuously recycles water is placed on the lateral sides of the bath.

This system guarantees a perfect air sealing, Also this inline wire pickling tanks are covered with the polypropylene material cover. This cover can be easily opened with a crane or a forklift for the maintenance and cleaning of the bath. Also inspection window available for the easy operation.

The bottom of the tankslopes in the direction of the drain to facilitate the removal of the sludge.

All the necessary accessories for easy installation and operation of Inlinepickling tank can be provided including hood, suction Duct, Tank Cover and fume scrubber with centrifugal exhaust fan, stack or chimney, ducting’s and thermoplastic recirculation pump, piping.

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